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Text of San Diego Reader article.

Best Place For Recycled Guitars

We've all had a rock 'n' roll fantasy -- or jazz or whatever. Most of us drummed on the kitchen floor as kids, played air guitar with our friends to some rock anthem as teens, or sang in the car. Some of us went so far as to purchase that drum kit or beginner guitar or bass and amp. The best place in San Diego for used music equipment, to see these used fantasies hanging on the wall, stacked to the roof, and spilled to the back, all for resale, is Freedom Guitar.

Freedom's got that old gear: amp, heads, cabinets, combos, basses and guitars galore; drum pieces and kits, and all sorts of percussion twizzle twaddle; PAs, mics, stands, lights, and every flavor of stagy accouterment; plus songbooks for all breeds of copycat, for beginners and beaters. They've also got stuff for pros, the pretty, primo collector stuff. Of course, that's hung higher or buried deeper, away from the paws of fantasy browsers.

Freedom Guitar -- Serving Musicians and Collectors Worldwide.
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